About Liza

This all started with a $5 Target budget. Like many other girls I've always found skincare so fascinating. I would save every buck and walk to the nearest Target, Walmart or CVS to buy a face mask, new lip gloss or a nice smelling body wash. I'd run home and start my selfcare routine like I didn't just take a shower in the morning.

This continued for 5 years, until I decided to try a DIY body scrub.. I LOVED IT. Some time passed and I started making my own products and selling them around my school. I sold lip-gloss, lashes, jewelry, tea, clothes, and more! Until I found my passion, feminine hygiene. 

This is how Liza Cosmetics Line began.


As a young girl I never knew that the feminine soaps on the market were packed with drying ingredients that can potentially cause yeast infections. I was so scared when I got my first yeast infection, I thought it was an STD! turns out it was the SOAP I was using. My doctor said only use mild soap and water. So I went searching- soap #1 was too drying, soap #2 didn't last long enough, soap #3 didn't keep me clean long. 

I trusted in my DIY skills and composed our Best Selling, Sweet Kitty Wash.  

It did not take long for media to FALL IN LOVE, I was getting orders left and right, 5 star reviews and BULK orders so they wont ever run out. I knew this was my calling. 

Without my dear supporters, I'd still be using generic bar soap for my hoo-ha. Thank you for your support, orders and word of mouth! I love you all. 

Liza, Founder of Liza Cosmetics Line.


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