Lighten your bikini line

Lighten your bikini line

Do you know Liza Cosmetics Line from their viral TikTok’s? I wouldn’t be surprised. 

Our Tiktok videos often times talk about lightening your bikini line~ from scarring, dark spots, and texture. 

Liza’s Turmeric Collection does just that! 

Step 1- wash your body with the Turmeric Body Wash for a smooth complexion and a clean fragrance! 
- wash your vulva with the Turmeric Bar Soap for texture and redness on your bikini line 

Step 2- In the shower exfoliate your skin with the Citrus Scrub to renew your skin cells and allow new skin to form. This helps lighten hyperpigmentation over time. 

Masking- If you decide to mask before or after the shower it doesn’t matter! Use our Penetrate Mask 3x a week for smooth, even complexion. This can be used on your bikini line, face and body. 

Step 3- Looking for a spot treatment to tie your routine together? Apply Get Even on a dark spot to lighten over time. 

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