What do I do if I want to cancel my order?

We only accept cancellation request 1 hour post purchasing. We do not cancel after this time frame.

When do I receive tracking information?

You will receive tracking within 1-14 business days. Tracking will be sent to the email provided at checkout.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, only VIA UPS.

Why am I breaking out when I switch to a new product?

This usually happens when you introduce a new product to your skin, please allow 2 weeks for your skin to adjust to the new ingredients.

What is the difference between Sweet Kitty Wash and Forbidden Fruit?

Sweet Kitty Wash includes tea tree and lavender, in some cases people are allergic to these essential oils. Forbidden fruit was created for customers with sensitive skin.

When will my order ship?

We ship orders in 1-14 business days, this can vary due to influx.