About Liza

Liza Cosmetics Line was created when I noticed my own skin issues not being catered to. Being a woman with sensitive/ acne-prone skin, I realized how challenging it was to find a brand that created plant-based products safe for skin like mine. Instead of accepting defeat I tapped into my Girl Magic and said, "fine! I'll do it myself!" and created a skincare line that not only benefited my skin type but ALL skin types and tones, because with Liza Cosmetics line, there's no glow left behind.

My love and desire for clear skin became a core focus when creating Liza Cosmetics Line. A combination of being hands-on and doing extensive research on plant-based ingredients and formulations birthed our best selling and viral products. In 2020, I made a priority to revolutionize the skincare world with affordable, cruelty-free, skin-loving products to enhance your natural beauty- and although we started as a small team, we are building Liza Cosmetics Line one glow-up at a time. 

As a young woman myself, I know how hard it is to you know, get a little personal when it comes to self-care, that's why I made Liza Cosmetics Line a safe environment for women to come together and glow from the inside out. Our #LizasAngel community was created to educate you on Wellness, Skincare, and promote Positive Attitudes.

XO, Elizaveta 


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